Benefits of the Preferred Remedy

  1. Gives EPA an additional cleanup option that will meet the threshold criteria of being protective of human and environmental health.

  2. Allows a final Record of Decision by EPA that includes monitoring and future reviews to assure long-term success.

  3. Avoids long delays in the cleanup that will surely occur if the final remedy is too costly and increases community impacts.

  4. Provides a cost-effective remedy that can be supported by the investment of funds from the proposed development.
Superfund Criteria Preferred Remedy
Protect human health and environment Yes
Meet all applicable laws and regulations No alternative will achieve drinking water standards in a reasonable timeframe
Long-term effectiveness and permanence Yes. Contamination posing the greatest risk will be treated in place and the entire upland will be capped to prevent potential releases to the nearshore habitat to protect fish and wildlife and enhanced nearshore habitat conditions.
Reduction of toxicity, mobility, or volume Yes
Short-term effectiveness Yes. This will cause less short-term water quality impacts, will require less construction traffic, will not create additional noise or odors from disturbing the soil and will become effective more quickly than other remedies that will take longer to construct.
Implementability Yes. This will require less design and construction
Cost Yes. While still costly, this is the most cost-effective and will allow the site to be redeveloped.